Yup...bellringing...I am in the process of documenting the history of the bellringing in Brookline,NH. I am doing this through research and interviews. If you have a story to share about a bellringing event in the past please contact me at   Thank you!

Let The Bells Ring song

Recently I begged my favorite band , the Reducer's, to write a song about the bellringing in town and what happened...they have a music style of punk, and also with some slow kick-ass rock and roll... they also do some ballads...anyway.. I was hoping for a real feisty song.. but given they mostly write about things they've experienced... I was already pushing them ... all sadly without compensation too! Anyway, one of the members did write this song and I think its great! The song may evolve...time will tell...hope you like it too!!

Please listen to it and share it and tell me what you think.  To learn more about the Reducer's go to their website or on myspace.